Christoph Habersatter
Game and Software Engineering
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Transfer Management System

Key facts: C#, Windows Forms, NuSoap, MySQL Connector and Database

This software was written by me for an airport transfer company which required a strong and stable management software for their daily transfers. This windows application, coded with C# and .NET Framework, allows users from any windows computer to connect to a central server database. The connection works with an NuSoap PHP web service. It is possible to show the latest bookings, check them out and then write invoices or vouchers for the guests.

Included Features:

  • Overview UI of Windows-Forms.
  • Implemented E-Mail Client.
  • MySQL Database, with NuSoap Service Connection.
  • Advanced Calculations, statistics for owner.
  • Program is enabled to print and display invoices, vouchers and daily guest lists.
  • Manage daily guest's which arrive or are on a departure.


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